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The quality and price of artificial turf depend largely on the materials and how these are worked when manufacturing it. When the grass is new it is difficult to detect at a glance the quality of it, so it is important to have an idea of the characteristics of the materials used in the manufacture of synthetic turf.

Below we will explain some basic aspects that you should take into account when choosing artificial turf. 

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About artificial turf fibers

The main materials with which synthetic fibers are manufactured are:

Nylon or Polyamide (PA): it is basically used as a backing material. Synthetic grasses 100% PA are not usually manufactured, since it is very hard, produces an unpleasant sound when walking on it and shines. It is basically used for sports turf (field hockey, golf...). It is very resistant, but expensive.

Polypropylene (PP): the evolution of PA, a little softer, but still hard and produces an unpleasant sound when walked on, although to a lesser degree than nylon. It is cheaper than PA.

Polyethylene (PE): softer and more durable than polypropylene. It is more expensive than PP.

An inexpensive turf will most likely be a blend of PP and PE; a high-end turf will be 100% PE.

The synthetic fibers obtained can be of two kinds:

Fibrillated: they are obtained by extrusion so that a thin fiber is obtained to which small notches are made resulting in a honeycomb fiber. The disadvantage is that its appearance is quite different from natural grass. It is usually used in sports turf.

Monofilaments: they are also obtained by extrusion, but in this case a thread is produced (something similar to spaghetti). This is joined in groups of 2, 3 or even 4 to form coiled sets (as if it were a three-phase cable). These look more like natural grass, but are more expensive. They are typically used for decorative turf in swimming pools, halls or in some stores.

The level of softness

Flexibility and wear of an artificial turf will depend on the proportions and the fibers used, the shape and thickness of the fibers, as well as the materials used to manufacture them.

So, with everything you now know, look for an affordable price that suits your goals and allows you to install your lawn comfortably.

Finally, keep in mind that natural grass is always going to be more expensive and more complicated to install. If you're looking for a quick and inexpensive solution to beautify your home's green spaces, artificial turf will always be a viable option.

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Artificial Grass Corona

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